LOVE IS IN THE AIR (But let’s make sure your air is actually clean!)

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LOVE IS IN THE AIR (But let’s make sure your air is actually clean!)

Love Your Home

It’s important to show your home love!  Maintaining certain small systems in your home can prevent big problems down the line.  Here are just a few things that you should schedule on your calendar now so that they are not forgotten about down the road.

  • Change air filters every 1-3 months.  This will depend on whether or not you have animals and/or how often you dust your home, your particular type of system & your climate.  Dirty filters can cause damage to your system or even worse – a fire.
  • Speaking of fires – it’s important to inspect fire extinguishers monthly and make sure they are in an accessible location in case of an emergency.
  • Control the dust in your home.  It’s important to dust with a damp cloth so that the dust will better adhere.  Vacuum daily-weekly depending again on animals and outdoor allergen levels. Controlling dust is crucial as it can cause serious health hazards.  Dust can contain feces and skeletons of dust mites as well as pesticides and lead that have come off items in the home. All of this can contribute to allergies and affect asthma.
  • Clean your garbage disposal weekly if possible.  Think about everything you put down there! You can buy cleaner at the store or even do a mix of baking soda & vinegar.  Keep nasty smells away as well as fruit flies.
  • Check sinks & toilets at least monthly for any leaks.  Moisture attracts mold, insects & rodents. It can also damage your walls & floors so getting a small leak looked at right away is ideal.
  • Keep an eye on utility bills.  If you notice a large jump in a month, there’s a chance you have a leak or other issue that needs to be addressed.

We have plenty more to share on home maintenance and I’m sure we will make a video in the future regarding the topic, so stay tuned!!

Our Love Stories

Natalie & Dave

Natalie met Dave in 2004 In Athens, GA through mutual friends.  Once they met, they instantly hit it off. After graduating they followed each other back to Atlanta and continued dating.  A few days before Natalie’s birthday in 2009, they had plans to go to dinner with friends. Dave asked her to come pick him up, which made no sense because it was out of the way for her, but she didn’t question it.  When Natalie got there, Dave was wearing his guitar and looked very nervous. He sang a song he wrote for her and asked if she would marry him. Through tears she said yes, and they were married the next year. They just celebrated their 9th anniversary and now have two kids and two dogs, and enjoy live music, spending time with their kids, and UGA football.  

Megan & Daniel

Although Megan and Daniel went to the same high school, it wasn’t until college that they met in 2002.  They were friends all through college and lost touch when Daniel graduated and moved back to the Atlanta area.  Megan graduated the next year and decided to reach out. They soon started dating. One evening Megan came home to their condo to see a piece of luggage sitting by the door with a note saying “Pack your bags. We leave in the morning.”  The only info given was the destination forecast. Daniel ended up surprising her with a trip to NYC where he proposed in the Strawberry Fields Lennon Memorial which is fitting given his love for The Beatles. Megan and Daniel lived in Chamblee for a few years before moving to Decatur and then getting married in 2011.  After having two babies back to back, they decided to move to Roswell in 2016 where they currently live. Some favorite activities include trying new restaurants, renovating their home, entertaining friends & neighbors, cooking, and enjoying weekends that consist of no plans!


February 1st:  Atlanta Winter Beer Festival

February 1st:  Midtown Mardi Gras Block Party

February 11th-16th:  Hello Dolly at the Fox Theatre

February 14th:  Valentine’s Day Garden Party at the Botanical Gardens

February 15th:  Cupid’s Undie Run

February 22nd:  Uncorked Atlanta Wine Festival

February 22nd-23rd:  Oysterfest

February 25th:  Mardi Gras at Avalon

February 29th:  Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival

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